Rosem is a documentary photographer and nurse based in Baltimore, Maryland. She is a National Geographic Explorer producing visual stories that focus on the intersection of health, trauma and resilience.

Publications include: National Geographic, The New York Times, 
The Washington Post, Propublica, Reuters, NPR and CNN.

Rosem is a member of Authority CollectiveWomen Photograph and Women Photojournalists of Washington.

Rosem is often found in the company of her husband, Ian, and their dogs.


Based in Baltimore, Maryland

2020 National Geographic COVID-19 Emergency Fund for Journalists
2020 National Geographic Photography Seminar Speaker
2020 14th Julia Cameron Award: Black and White Category
2019 We, Women Artist Grant
2019 National Geographic Explorer
2019 New York Times Portfolio Review
2019 Pictures of the Year Rising Star Scholar

Workshops and Mentorships
2020 Advanced Mentorship Program with James Estrin and Ed Kashi
2020 Women Photograph Mentorship Program
2019 Eddie Adams Workshop
2019 Missouri Photo Workshop
2019 International Women's Media Foundation HEFAT training

2020 14th Julia Cameron Award Exhibition
2019 Women Photojournalist of Washington Juried Exhibition

Rosem Morton

Rosem Morton is a documentary photographer and nurse based in Baltimore. Her visual storytelling explores the intersection of trauma, health and resilience.
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