Rosem Morton , is a Filipina photographer, nurse...
photo by Ian Morton

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Rosem Morton, is a Filipina photographer, nurse and safety consultant based in Baltimore, Maryland.

She is a National Geographic Explorer whose work focuses on daily life amidst gender, health, and racial adversity. Rosem uses her camera to explore issues from the effects of gender based violence, the unheard stories of healthcare workers, to the legacies of western colonization that have shaped Filipino culture and migration. 
Her ongoing project, 
Wildflower, is the recipient of the Leica Women Photo Award and the Visa d'or Daily Press Award. She has since founded, Dear Survivor, an audio-visual resource for survivors of gender and sexual based violence, supported by We, Women Photo.
Rosem has worked at major trauma centers as a surgical nurse for the last 10 years. She draws on her experiences to share her own story, which was recognized by Pictures of the Year International and the World Press Photo 6x6 Talent. Rosem also uses visual journalism to help tell the stories of other frontline healthcare workers and the history of the Filipino healthcare diaspora. Her work served as inspiration for Breathe, a musical on New Studio on Broadway, featuring a historic all Filipinx cast.

Rosem's work appears in The New York Times, National Geographic, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, NPR and CNN, among others. She was recognized as part of The 30: New and Emerging Photographers to Watch and Baltimore Sun’s 25 Women to Watch. She
 lectures at events, conferences and universities and offers safety trainings for journalists as an International Women’s Media Foundation Next Gen Fellow. 

Select Press
British Journal of Photography
Columbia Journalism Review
National Press Club, Journalism Institute

Science Friday Podcast

Commercial Clients: Aflac, Instagram, National Geographic, Melinda Gates Pivotal Ventures, Verizon

Rosem Morton

Rosem Morton is a documentary photographer and nurse based in Baltimore. Her visual storytelling explores the intersection of trauma, health and resilience.
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