During the summers in northmen Norway, as sunlight stretches across the frozen horizon both day and night, Sami families take a pause from their semi-nomadic lifestyle. Summer is a time of family reunion, as they come together to welcome new calves into the herd. In the chilly mountains, the Sara family immerses in long-standing traditions and pass their knowledge on to younger generations. They teach their children how to build a lavvu (traditional tent) and how to work with the young reindeers. It is their family symbol that they carve, on one ear and then the other. Then, the reindeers are off to be herded again in the fall. 

Learning and living with the Sami was a surreal experience. It was an honor to witness ancient practices kept alive to this day. I was immediately drawn to Inga Sara and wanted to explore what this experience was like through her young eyes.

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